New Subaru Mid-Engine Hybrid Sports Coupe

Increase of sales of Subaru vehicles by 13%, only on the US market last year, has enabled the company to be closer to the millionth vehicle in production. Up to such a success mostly SUV models pave the way. Their popularity on a global scale is such that there is no automobile manufacturer that will not take advantage of this opportunity. However, the Subaru think that the market needs to be offered something different. For this reason, in the preparation model, new Subaru mid-engine hybrid sports coupe. Model began to develop around the anticipated powertrain. It is still in the development stage, because Subaru is planning to present it in two years.

New Subaru Mid-Engine Hybrid Sports Coupe

New Subaru Mid-engine Hybrid Sports Coupe Design and Specs

New Subaru mid-engine sports coupe is the prototype of hybrid vehicles. Most described it as a high-performance halo-model because of the great similarities with the Subaru SVX model. The company plans to new sports coupe, to set to the platform BRZ models. The platform should be largely modified. In fact there will be a merging and separating the best from this and from New Subaru Global Platform. This manufacturer currently has only one model with rear wheels drive , on offer. This is the BRZ. This is one reason why the company ” intersect ” more models to come to a final decision on its mid-engine sports coupe. This vehicle will have the drive to all four wheels. The difference between the Subaru mid-engine hybrid sports coupe and Subaru BRZ model is that the new hybrid coupe to run two engines. To start the last point will be in charge 1.6 L turbocharged boxer engine, which will be mid-mounted. The front wheels will run two electric motors. Although the greatest influence on the development of Subaru mid-engine sports coupe had Viziv Concept, practical application of this powertrain has Acura NSX.

For now these are the only official information, while other can be regarded as speculation and rumors. The first of these is the total output of 330 hp. Connection Subaru SVX model, and new Subaru mid-engine hybrid sports coupe exists. SVX is a model, which the company produced from 1991 to 1999. This two-door grand tourer coupe was powered by 3.3 L boxer. As for the design of the new hybrid coupe solutions model, the biggest impact will have the Impreza Concept and Viziv GT Vision Gran Turismo Concept.

More information about the model that is expected on the market in 2018, and who will stand shoulder to shoulder with the Porsche Cayman model, we are only expecting. For now, we know that Subaru has deprived the market of another SUV model, and decided that this interesting powertrain becomes a driving force of new Subaru mid-engine hybrid sports coupe model.

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