2017 Chevrolet SS Sedan Release Date

The Chevrolet models have been dominating the roads all over the world since the company was started in 1911 in Detroit, Michigan. But one particular design has been very impressive over the years. This is Chevrolet model SS. The manufacturing of the model began in 2013 when they released the 2014, this was followed by 2015 and 2016 models in the following years. But the latest release will be the 2017 Chevrolet SS which will be an improved version of the 2016 Model SS. This model will be the last series as the Australia’s manufacturing plant. It is scheduled for closure after the big launch. Major changes expected in 2017 Chevrolet SS.

2017 Chevrolet SS Design and Features

Getting into the 2017 Chevrolet model SS, you will find cockpit that blends with the themes of previous releases. The flat-bottom will be shared with the 2016 SS sedan. It will include fingertip paddles that are able to shift through the automatic transmission system. The Chevrolet will integrate the speedometer, tachometer and the centralized driver information screen into one group for a more modern look.

2017 Chevrolet SS

While the exterior appears to be from last-Gen Sedan SS, the cabin also is much more sleek and modern. Interior design will incorporate the latest touchscreen. The vehicle will receive the latest update on MyLink infotainment system which compares to the Mustang’s very new Sync 3 system. The front seats have been made more comfortable than before and the back seats have been customized well for suitable use by adults and children alike.

The model will come with 4G LTE , Wi-Fi connectivity and Digital displays, which will be located below. There also will be indicating temperature readings. Available audio options will include 9 Bose speakers, security system and auxiliary system.  The model comes with a remarkable an exciting V8 performance and available manual transmission system. But at the end the 2017 Chevrolet SS provides that movie star feeling and uses just enough fuel making it fits the modern age.


Standard safety designs features on the 2017 Chevy SS will include an anti lock disc brakes and stability controls, front-seat knee, side airbags plus full-length side curtain. Also, it will include an OnStar telematics, which will send automatic crash notification, roadside assistance and remote door unlocking, turn-by-turn navigation and stolen vehicle assistance. The model includes safety notification, such as the blind spotted monitor and the rearview camera for use in perfect parking.


The 2017 Chevrolet SS will have a 6.2-liters LS3 V8 engine. With 420 hp on board with 6-speed transmission, this rear-wheel drive sedan will be able to accelerate a few hundred meters within 4.8 seconds. This series incorporates the latest generations with magnetic Ride with Control suspension that is the last release. Also along with the engine will be a dual-mode exhaust which is quiet at low speed and a bit noisy as you increase.

Price of 2017 Chevy SS

Even though an exact release date has not been announced, experts believe that the 2017 Chevrolet SS will be released in mid-2017. Pricing information will be released at a later date. It’s expected to be around the same price of the current model, starting around $46,700.

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