2018 BMW 3 Series Redesign

Introducing the new generation of BMW 3 Series has been announced for the end of 2017. This model will certainly be designed  to 2018 MY. Before it appears in the market, the technological leader in the segment, will be offered in 2017 BMW 3 Series. At a price of $ 34.145 is available to the base 2017 BMW 320i. The most expensive model in the range is the 2017 BMW M3 high-performance model, whose price is $ 64.995. Six years is the 3 Series improved, but the complete redesign yet to arrive. While the market appears 2018 BMW 3 Series, ie. new generation, new 4-cylinder engine, a plug-in hybrid model and changes to the standard equipment is the one with which customers have to be satisfied .

2018 BMW 3 Series

2018 BMW 3 Changes and Release

2018 BMW 3 Series is already in the testing phase. Complete redesign does require a little more time, before the model is released for sale. The new generation will be offered in several bodywork version. These are the sedan models (G20), Touring (G21) and GT (G24). A special model now carries a code label G28. This model has an extended wheelbase and it is specially designed for customers in the Chinese market.

BMW will set up a new generation of 3 Series to a new CLAR platform. In addition to different versions of the bodywork, the new platform has a longer wheelbase compared to the current model. As for the sedan models, such a change is in most cases plus. 2018 BMW 3 will provide greater legroom of passengers, will be less weight and providing greater comfort.

When the company announced this model, words ‘technologically advanced’ was related to each segment of the new generation. As far as performance improvements, a major role will have better brakes, lower suspension, adaptive suspension, … Series 3 will be equipped with all the ancillary systems that facilitate the management of the new modernism vehicles. Upgraded interior now features new head-up display. And there are systems such as: automatic braking, self parking, system of semi-automatic drive, lane-keeping assist.

As for the drive units, they will generally be taken from the actual representatives. Engines with 3, 4 and 6 cylinder will be offered, just like the hybrid version. Noticeable difference, at least for the total output will be at high-performance models. 2018 M3 and 2018 M4 models, will as opposed to the current 431 hp, will have at their disposal nearly 500 hp.

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