2017 Honda Prelude Concept

The real fans of sports coupe models, remember well the Honda Prelude. This interesting model is built on the platform Honda Accord sedan but is designed as a coupe with two doors and 2 + 2 configuration. Honda Prelude appeared in 1978, and through five generations of models, it is kept on the market until 2001. Withdrawal from the market of this car, fans of sports coupe, remained deprived of an outstanding model. However, the latest rumors and speculation talk about the possible return of the athletes on the market. More precisely at the end of 2016, is expected presentation of 2017 Honda Prelude Concept models. The same sources state that the production version scheduled to appear in 2020, probably as a 2020 Honda Prelude.

Immediately after the appearance, in 1978, Honda Prelude won many sympathies. Although based on the sedan Accord, Prelude had aggressive sporty look and sports suspension. This model was a rival to other models of Japanese car producers, such as the Toyota Celica, Nissan Silvia, and Mitsubishi Eclipse. Initially offered only on the Japanese market, and later was present in all world markets. With great success, Honda Prelude was sold on the US market, as well as the Canadian. Interesting is the fact that title Prelude, was originally trademarked by Toyota. However, Toyota has allowed the Honda to use name for your model.

2017 Honda Prelude

2017 Honda Prelude Concept Design

Sources who mention the return of Honda Prelude models on the market, stating that the new version will not share its platform with the new Honda Accord models. The Accord has been placed on a platform that is designed for FWD. 2017 Honda Prelude Concept, as well as the later serial version will be placed on a platform that enables the construction of RWD. Also, the platform should provide the greater wheelbase.

As for the appearance of the vehicle, it will be sporty with pronounced aggressive stance. Some of the design elements will be taken from the Honda S2000 model. With this model, 2017 Honda Prelude Concept will share the other elements and characteristics.

Specs and Price

About possible drive units can only be speculated. Currently there is no official information, but it will be known very soon. According to some forecasts, a good chance, have a generator from the Civic Si and Civic Type R models, as well as the aggregate of the Honda NSX (Acura NSX) model. It is certain that the 2017 Honda Prelude will come with RWD, and the price on the US market is projected at about $ 30,000.

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