Genesis SUV Coming to US Luxury Market

New luxury brand Genesis, is a sub-brand company Hyundai, which already has two models on the market. The announcement of the brand has begun with the launch of Vision G Concept. On this concept is based 2017 Genesis G90, 2017 Genesis G80 sedan models. Offer Genesis luxury brand would not be limited only to segment sedan models. By 2020 the market will find the Genesis SUV. This model will in fact introduce a new brand. Genesis SUV should give a clear picture of the possibilities and the quality provide models from this family. Considering the, a wide offer of SUVs on the market, positioning Genesis SUV model will provide positions for other models.

Separating Genesis from the existing Hyundai company, it is not the first such case. Thirty years ago, are the beginnings of separation luxury models. Devoted primarily to US market, and later China and Middle East. First, Honda, its luxurious models adapt to the requirements of US customers, ”marked” Acura logo. That was back in 1986. Shortly after Toyota introduced Lexus brand, and Nissan its sub-brand Infiniti. Genesis models will have the biggest competitors, it is among the models, these spin-off companies.

Genesis SUV

Genesis SUV Release Date

With good reason are the first offered luxury coupe and sedan models. Hyundai has in its offer, and one, and another model that will soon need to pass through a phase of complete redesign. Genesis G90, and Genesis G80, as well as incoming G70 model, will not have competitors from the company from which they come from. This is a new brand, what is Genesis, is of great importance. This situation explains why the Genesis SUV scheduled for the end of the decade. Hyundai has a large number of SUV models available, and many of them are new. When the 2020 SUV Genesis be placed on the market, will not have a lot of competitors, at least not with Hyundai label.

Although it all began with the Hyundai Vision G Concept , the first models are not SUVs and not a hybrid. This concept is primarily a sedan model, with the coupe design. Hyundai is the maximum effort to explain that this concept will not be a replacement for serial Genesis Coupe model. Vision G is beautiful vehicle made by Hyundai U.S. design team. Next generation of premium cars under the name Genesis will be just like this one. Genesis SUV will be the next model of this brand that on the basis of this concept will be just as beautiful, luxurious and very attractive model.

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