2018 Corvette C8 New Generation

It has long been speculated that Chevrolet will launch a new generation of its sporty Corvette supercar. These rumors are gaining in severity after several releases on the Internet. The eighth generation of this fantastic car, should bear the name of the 2018 Corvette C8 ZR1 Zora. According to some information, C8 Corvette will be presented at the 2017 NAIAS in Detroit. In the same year, and will start its mass production.

The informed ones to the world automotive industry, have heard of Katech company. The company has cooperated with General Motors Company to develop engines for GM’s vehicles. Just on the site Katech company, appeared information about the development engine for the C8 Corvette. GM has responded, mentioned a site has been removed. In addition, the “leaked” information that has been exacerbated by the atmosphere, with the knowledge that the GM has invested around $ 700 million in the development and modernization of the plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The factory has produced a prototype Corvette models, with a centrally placed engine.

2018 Corvette C8 with mid-engine

2018 Corvette C8 Changes

Currently published data, mentioning the revolutionary changes for the next generation Corvette models. 2018 Corvette C8 should get the version with a centrally placed engine. With the removed site, Katech company, it could be read that the new model will carry the name of the Corvette C8  ZR1 Zora. On the same site were in motor data, which the company developed in cooperation with General Motors Company. This engine is labeled LT5. Between 1990 and 1995, this code was used for the engine was in the Corvette C4 model.

Many agree that there is no doubt that it is closer to debut from 2018 Corvette C8. It is almost certain that the C8 model retrieved centrally housed engine which confirms the previously announced big plans for the Chevrolet Corvette model. If we add the fact that the prototype of this model already noticed during the test, there is no doubt that the mid-engine Corvette very close.

Finally we should add that the beginning of sales, 2018 Corvette C8, may be prolonged for the second half of 2018. In this case, the new generation of models, ie, C8 Corvette will be for MY 2019. In addition, there are indications that even after the launch of the new generation model, the current model will remain in production for some time.

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