2017 Chevy Cheyenne Concept and Specs

Now already distant 2013, at the SEMA event, Chevrolet introduced its sporty pickup model, based on the Silverado model. Since then did not stop speculation and guesses about the possible arrival of the production model of this vehicle. According to the latest information, of course, unofficial, 2017 Chevy Cheyenne could occur in late 2016 or early 2017. It is not yet clear whether this will be a limited series of special editions, or can be expected as a special model.

Expectations and hopes, further fueled by the fact that Chevrolet is offering special editions of its Silverado pickup model. For reasons that the Cheyenne concept is based on the same model, there are plenty of reasons for optimism. The appearance of such a vehicle, in any form, would be real refreshment for the market pickup truck models. His appearance would awake memories of the “sleeping giants” such as the Ford F-150 Lightning, Dodge Ram SRT-10,  Chevrolet Silverado SS pickup models.

2017 Chevy Cheyenne

Recall the middle of the last century and the legendary Chevy 454 SS pickup models. Its powerful 7.4-liter V8 engine, it is eternally done, a pickup version of the SS model with “Cheyenne”, represented the most powerful and most luxurious model in the range. That’s one more reason for optimism in anticipation of the new 2017 Chevy Cheyenne model.

2017 Chevy Cheyenne Design and Specs

Based on the Silverado 1500 Single Cab, Chevy Chayenne evoke the former 454 SS  pickup. At first glance, Cheyenne is very similar to the standard 1500 Silverado model. But only at first glance. Compared to the standard model this sporty Chevy pickup has received a large number of improvements and modifications. Thanks to this, vehicle performance improved significantly, compared to the classic Silverado 1500 PLUS.

Outside the vehicle, in the spirit of sportsmanship, complete the sporty alloy wheels of 19 inches, modified bumpers and sports Borla exhaust system. In addition, 2017 Chevy Cheyenne has a sport tuned Brembo brakes and modified suspension.

If you peek inside the cabin, we’ll see that there is a sporting spirit here. The interior is characterized by Recaro sports seats, a sports leather steering wheel, specially designed gear lever and sports pedals. All in all, this is a true sports car in every respect.

2017 Chevy Cheyenne should possess the same engine that is seen with the concept version, which used Silverado 2500 and 3500 HD models. It is a 6.2-liter V8 unit coupled hith 6-speed automatic transmission and 4×2 drive. Due to the reduced weight of the vehicle using aluminum and carbon-fiber components, the new Cheyenne possesses great performance. The output power is 420 horsepower with a whopping 460 lb-ft of torque. It’s time for enjoyment.

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