2017 Chevrolet Express Passenger Van Release

Chevrolet offers three different models of Van. Each of them is after something specific. If you need a vehicle with a remote-access side, which will allow 3 panels, your favorite is the Chevrolet Express Cargo. The best EPA rating of 24 mpg in the city will provide you Chevrolet City Express. This model offers a combination of efficiency and economy in a package with excellent business van. Third, but not least attractive is Express Passenger Van. Comfortable and perfect, with the longest list of standard equipment and room for 15 passengers, is the 2017 Chevrolet Express Passenger Van. The company is planning to release it soon. Though the 2016 model was promoted, and in the sale at a price of $ 32.990, the new 2017 model will bring more after something new.

2017 Chevrolet Express Passenger Van Design

Design changes have been made that 2017 Chevy Express Passenger Van receives a secure, determined and somewhat strong look. Chrome elements, add bumpers at the entrance and the sides. Grille also altered shape, rounded, simple and sharp. There are new sets of headlights.


When we mentioned that the 2017 Chevrolet Express provides transport for 15 passengers, it is an option which is possible but not standard. New Express Van has 135 inches wheelbase. With these dimensions, this model offers 12 seats. The vehicle whose wheelbase, at the request of the future owner expanded to 155 inches, will be able to carry up to 15 passengers in their van.

Six new exterior colors and better quality materials to create the interior will make this Van just simple and appealing. Although some call it family car, large family can be a part of your pleasant journey. Seats are accommodated in three rows. By adding two more seats, thus allowing for the transport of 15 passengers. Interesting and relax journey begins with a big screen on the dashboard. Passengers could watch their favorite movies. Then, the list of standard high-tech add-ons are Flip-Flip by navigation, Up-to date audio system 4G LTE Wi-fi spots, Sirius XM Radio, and a lot others. 2017 Chevrolet Express Passenger Van is equipped with all the safety features to make the trip  safe,  both for travelers and for the vehicle.

2017 Chevy Express Van Specs and Price

The former 4.8 V8 engine is now past. No abandoning of the V8 engine, Chevrolet will offer a 6.0 L V8 engine as the standard drive. In combination with 6-speed Hydra-Matic transmission, develops a power of 342 hp and 320 pounds of torque. 2017 Chevrolet Express Van will be offered with a 6.6 L V8 Duramax diesel engine. This engine develops 260 hp and 525 lb-ft of torque. This one provides the most torque of any vehicle in this segment.

Top equipped 2017 Chevrolet Express reaches a price of $ 45,000. For all those who will be satisfied with a lengthy list of standard equipment, 2017 Chevy Passenger Van is available at a price of $ 32.990.

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