2019 Land Rover Defender Release Date

Many thought that the long tradition of 68 years, just go into oblivion. Yet Land Rover company is not as frivolous. Sometimes, the UK’s most traveled model,  came to his milestone in January 2016. In less than half a year, the public is also informed about the future plans at least when it comes to the Defender model. The successor to this legendary model arrives in 2018 as a 2019 Land Rover Defender. The new generation will be every respect be completely different from the previous ones, and here’s why.

Since 1948, when it produced the first Defender to date, this model has been changed slightly. The vehicle is only trimmed in accordance with the fashion changes. Together with Mercedes G Class, Defender has for years carried the title of the fittest and most durable off-road vehicle in the world.

2019 Land Rover Defender Changes

70 years of the 2019 Land Rover Defender will mark a new look. The biggest changes will experience design models. Aluminium is a new material used in the automotive industry in large quantities. They equally solid and durable 2019 Defender will have a much lower weight. Reduced consumption and greater efficiency.


The final appearance of the 2019 Land Rover Defender is still not known. Following a public notice that the DC100 concept did not satisfied all the necessities of the new Defender model, not mentioned any other role model. From company announced a large number of models, in order to attract as many customers. These are models with two or four doors. A two-door will be offered two models. Four-door model has a longer wheelbase. 2019 Land Rover Defender Pick up will be available with two or four doors.

2019 Defender Specs

The company has earmarked new Ingenium engines for this model. 2019 Defender will be equipped with new Ingenium turbo diesel engine. Another offer could be a four-cylinder V6 petrol engine. The new nine-speed automatic transmission will also be found in the offer. Top offer, at least for the horsepower and will continue to represent model with a SVR label.

2019 Defender will produce 100,000 copies annually. At least that’s the intention of the Land Rover company. So Darwin Project, code L663, is likely to be produced in a factory in Slovakia.

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