2018 Nissan Z Crossover 370Z Successor

The fact is that many people want a sports car, but actually few of them buy it. For this reason, the automotive industry does not seek to introduce new sports model. Currently, the biggest selling record a crossover and SUV models. While high-performance coupes only elicit sighs, those with a large trunk, space for children, pets and luggage elicit wallets. This is a very reasonable and sufficient reason why Nissan wants successor to the legendary Z model, to be crossover. The 2018 Nissan Z Crossover has not been denied, but not confirmed. It is left enough space for discussion. Additional information provides concept that could serve as basis.

2018 Nissan Z Crossover Based on Gripz

Nissan Gripz, is concept car presented in 2015. This model has received fantastic reviews and even as a concept. It would be a shame if it does not come in the form of a serial product. Recent rumors regarding precisely Gripz crossover. In the opinion of many, it could become a new 2018 Nissan Z. Replace the sports coupe with modern hybrid  crossover, is a bit confusing. Nissan 370Z in the words of the company is ready to retire. Though no one expected replacement, which is not similar to the model that goes.


Dynamic performance is the way, which wants to go to Nissan. If Gripz becomes the new Z Crossover, a large part of the road is already been carried out. None Z production model, there is no similarity with this concept. Gripz is 4100 mm long, 1890 mm wide, 1500 mm high. Wheelbase vehicle is 2305 mm. Modern design with elements that are not expected in the production process, it provides more than two-seat sports. The concept model is presented with four, physically separate seats. While indicating a special luxury and comfort, in production, the rear seats always offer a one place more.

New Nissan Z Hybrid Specs

Hybrid drivetrain is something else that the Nissan Z car had no points of contact. Under the hood of the latest Nissan 370Z model is 3.7 L V6 engine with 332 hp. The first speculation were related to downsizing Z model 4-cylinder engine. If 2018 Nissan Z become a crossover based on Gripz concept, it could be lunched by hybrid drivetrain. It will be consisted of petrol engine combined with 80 kW electric motor from Nissan Leaf model.

Therefore people think that it is too much and they are everywhere, crossovers and SUVs are the crucial moment of the present, the modern way of life and our everyday life. So far, none of this model did not go unnoticed. Seems like 370Z successor model will certainly have a significant element of the past, to make him popular in the future.

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