The Beast new Presidental Car of Donald Trump

Donald Trump will be officially proclaimed as a 45 th President of the United States, at January 20th 2017. This fact has absolutely nothing to do with my blog. However, the vehicle in which Mr. Trump will be driven to the inauguration, is the subject of our attention. The so-called The Beast, or the Presidential State Car, which is the official name of the vehicle, is in the final stages of preparation. American car manufacturer Cadillac, continued to serve the nation and its President. Only at first glance similar to a model of the Cadillac lineup, the new The Beast is another unique model designed for the transport of the President of USA. And here at what is so specific.

New upgraded, armored Cadillac Beast, will be of similar characteristics and specifications as well as previous presidential limousine. Unlike the previous model, the new Beast will have a design similar to some of the newer SUVs. In a sense, eight tons of steel more fits to SUV model. Special chassis, which can carry this heavy-duty vehicle, be sure it is intended primarily for pickup truck models.


The Beast Features

The vehicle used by President Barack Obama after something is also special. In addition to the title of ‘Caddy on a tank frame’, armor plating, run-flat tires, tear gas launchers, and there pints of blood for emergency transfusions. In General Motors say they are presidential vehicle designed to withstand a rocket attack. The Beast intended Donald Trump, in addition to well-known security measures, will be equipped with not known ”weapon” defense. It is logical that some of them the public will never know, otherwise the production of vehicles, from $ 1.5 million would be lucid project.

The Beast is not a vehicle for off-road driving. The main specialty was not overcome rugged roads and terrain. In some situations, drivers may feel for what is capable of presidential car. Nevertheless, we think that they hope never comes to that at the time of their service.

Specs and Release

New Beast will run 6.5 L engine. The fact that the vehicle will be able to move up to 95 km/h will not be considered. Some more information is not official. So for that reason we will not specify them. Equipment intended for night driving includes night vision cameras, GPS tracking and a satellite communication system. In the case that the air is toxic vehicle possesses an oxygen supply in the trunk. That allows fresh air to be pumped into the cabin.

A vehicle that for a lot of what we call the road Boeing 747, was seen camouflaged during the test drive. According to representatives of General Motors Company, new Cadillac Beast will be ready to ride in January 2017.

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