Toyota Camry 2018 Release Date

9 January 2017 will begin North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Another premiere yesterday confirmed, but there will for sure see the Toyota Camry 2018. About this redesigned model, for a long time knows how many more. Toyota has decided to tickle our imagination a teaser photo. Although rear light, part of the C-pillar and the blood red color of the body do not speak too much, it can be a good new beginning

And before it was begun, the project has been convicted by many. The Camry is best-selling model in the US. So if achieved fantastic sales results so far, why not change it? However, the company does not want to become obsolete ”golden goose”. The current model has already been upgraded several times.


Toyota Camry 2018 Redesign

”Crazy sporty-looking family sedan” is nickname for this model over a year. In this way is announced the dramatic changes of the new 2018 Toyota Camry model. Now, after the teaser photo, this adjective crazy can to mean something else. The design of the new generation Camry model is taken from Prius models. This last too much looks like Mirai. All of this is actually crazy since Mirai model is no looker. It is hoped that the Toyota Camry if anything, then at least keep more of its, at the front part of the vehicle.

New TNGA platform, on which debuted Prius, will serve as the basis and in the new Camry. Toyota’s global architecture will reduce the weight of the vehicle. The use of aluminum in the preparation of the construction has been announced. Previous findings indicate the occurrence of an aluminum cover hood and sides.

Interesting look C-pillar, as well as the emergence of LED lights, with an altered form are currently the only 100% safe features of the new Toyota Camry 2018 The announced new features are a 360-degree camera and panoramic roof. The interior of the new model is a complete mystery. Certainly next month and possibly earlier, Toyota will completely expose new Camry 2018.

2018 Camry Specs and Features

Another confirmed change concerns the drive unit. Toyota has not practiced the use of four-cylinder engines, small volume. It turned out that the Toyota Camry MY 2018 as the base engine is to have 1.5 L turbo engine. The previous 3.5-L V6 will replace the new 2.0-liter turbo. The new drive units are not a side effect of the new platform. The majority of competing models in this segment raises some of the engines of similar capacity and performance.

Nearly 430,000 satisfied customers in 2015 with a smile on his face owns, drives and love their Toyota Camry. How many of this Toyota sold during the year 2016 with more certainty can not say. After which, the present Toyota Camry 2018 model year, the first reaction will be much more to say. The company believe that the new Camry done only better. And regardless of changes its price will still range between $ 20,000 and $ 30,000.

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