2018 Toyota GT86 Fantastic Sport Coupe

Significant improvement is experienced and ‘twin brother’ Subaru BRZ models, Toyota GT86. In fact, Toyota has presented all the improvements of the new 2018 Toyota GT86 sports coupe. Restyled GT86 is visually upgraded, and there are other details that surpass him driving characteristics and improved performance.

Changes and Upgrades

As is the case with, already presented, promotions at Subaru BRZ model is similar with new GT86. The new Subaru BRZ characterized by better performance, upgraded exterior styling, interior trim with a richer equipment, as well as changes to the chassis and under steer elements. If we compare these two models, we will see a similar development path and almost identical amount of change.


2018 Toyota GT86 has a new front bumper and revised design of the headlights. The headlights are made in LED technology. On the rear side of the vehicle, are also noticeable changes. A slight redesign included rear light clusters and a large rear spoiler. Redesigned front bumper and rear spoiler, improved the aerodynamics of the vehicle, to a large extent. Overall picture restyled model completes new design wheels that are 17 inches large.

2018 Toyota GT86


The company has decided to improve the interior of the vehicle to make this segment followed restyling the exterior of the vehicle. Interior is dominated by high-quality materials, advanced technology and new elements. The new GT86 has a new sports steering wheel and a new multi-functional TFT display of 4.2 inches. It should be noted that the new steering wheel somewhat smaller diameter than the previous one. Also, we must not omit to mention the display offers a range of data, in addition to basic information. Additional information is current G-force curve of power and torque, stopwatch, as well as track lap times on the racetrack.

2018 Toyota GT86 Specs

In the field of motorization, there are no surprises. There is still checked Subaru’s 2.0-liter boxer engine. He now delivers 205 horsepower and 211 Nm of torque. The new model got promoted, and optimized suspension. Customers can opt for Sachs shock absorbers, which are offered as an option. These shock absorbers have even better performance and further contribute to stability.

Similarly as with the 2017 Subaru BRZ models, done with the new 2018 Toyota GT86. The vehicle was promoted to the new Track mode driving. Within this mode are TRC (Traction Control) and VSC (Vehicle Stability) are minimized. This cycle, the driver provides immeasurable freedom while driving. Namely, to allow it to run on the border adhesion. After all, Toyota GT86 is created for this ride.


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