Toyota MR2 Comeback With GT86 and Supra models

Three brothers-strategy, which Toyota had in the market, dating from 1980. A whole decade, this trio was comprised of mid-engine MR2, front-wheel drive Celica and rear-wheel drive Supra. Toyota was first renewed GT86 model. Shortly after Toyota in collaboration with BMW announced the return of Supra model. The new Toyota MR2 according to official figures will be presented shortly.

All three models were once represented the ultimate sports offer. Given what they will provide GT86, and Supra model, nothing less is not expected from the new generation MR2 models. Last, the third generation MR2 model was last pulled off the assembly line about ten years ago. Then it was a roadster, lightweight and simple designs.

Toyota MR2 concept

Toyota MR2 Design and Specs

About this vehicle absolutely nothing is known. In fact, it is only known that it will appear as soon as posible. It should be worthy of the title of baby-Ferrari. However, some are strengthened. One source said FR-S Concept from 2015, as a model on which will be based the new Toyota MR2.

Tetsuya Tada, the chief engineer of the Toyota GT86, in a statement presented data on hybrid drive future sports models. It is hard to believe that the two-seats roadster try yourself in this role. Although many more are aiming at new Supra model, for now all is still unknown. FR-S Concept is equipped with a front-mounted 1.5 L engine.

The news reverberated, spread quickly and heavily. Still we can not say that with certainty, exactly what our Toyota is preparing. Such is the desire to ” stage ” trio returned from the ’80s of the last century, in a way to awaken the imagination. We expect soon to address the public and information that will explain what will be the new Toyota MR2 model.

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