2018 Honda NSX European Version of the Acura NSX

It has long been known that the Honda Company prepared its next generation super sports model NSX. In the US market, this model is sold under the Acura brand. On the market of Europe, and some other markets, this model is sold as a 2018 Honda NSX. No differences in design, these versions differ by what’s under the hood.

Honda NSX 2018 represents the ultimate achievement. At the same time, this is the most technologically advanced car of this Japanese car manufacturer. Accordingly, the price of the sports hybrid supercar is over $ 250,000.

Power Specification

2018 NSX is a true miracle of technology. To start the vehicle is responsible unique hybrid system. This system makes the 3.5-liter V6 biturbo petrol engine combined with three electric generators. These three electric motors make unique sporty hybrid system.

2018 Honda NSX

The petrol V6 engine delivers impressive 507 horsepower. When you add additional power produced by electric motors, we arrive at a total power output of 581 horsepower. It should be noted that the maximum torque, which developed this powertrain is 686 Nm or 506 lb-ft of torque.

Here we should look back at the very beginnings Honda NSX model. Namely, when the Honda created the first generation of this model, set new standards in technology and performance. The credit for this success is attributable to a centrally placed V6 engine and a modern structure. Now, two decades after the first NSX, Honda has produced amazing hybrid supercar- only, this car ever made. Because of its complexity, 2018 Honda NSX, requires special manufacturing conditions. This car is produced in the Honda Performance Center. This is a completely separate factory plant in America.

2018 Honda NSX Type R

In addition to the standard version of the model, during 2018, Honda will offer the Type R version of the new baby NSX. Unlike the standard version, which possesses “only” 581 horsepower, this version should deliver around 610 horsepower.

With all the modifications, which are expected with the Type R version, should be set aside reduction of vehicle weight. In addition, there are also more aggressive exterior, sport tuned suspension, stronger brakes, new wheels and interior trim.

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