Genesis GT News and Facts About Forthcoming Two-Door Model

Luc Donckerwolke, who is the former director of design at Audi, Lamborghini, Bentley, become the head of design at Genesis. One of the larger projects, which is this man in charge is the return of Genesis GT two-door model in the Genesis lineup. Although not want too much to rely on the past, Donckerwolke says he can not completely isolate the fact that the 100-year existence of such a model.

The Genesis Gran Turismo will represent the flagship model, which will supplement the offer of two luxury SUVs, numerous sedans and sports coupes. These latter, are the successors to the Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Genesis GT model will be based on the same product, with a long history.

Genesis GT Design

For now, it is still unknown when the prototype of this model will be presented. In neither statement did not specify how and on which model will be based look of the new GT car. Will certainly bring the appearance of most of the new models of the company and the brand’s Genesis. All have a well recognizable grille, line design, which is characterized by sophistication and luxury. Regardless of the category to which they belong, Genesis vehicles are self-brand, luxury vehicles. Still in some way connected with the Hyundai company, but in every sense very independent.


Specs and Release Date

GT vehicles are often associated with the V8 engine. And in the words Donckerwolke, he would have been very like to see this engine under the hood of the new GT model. However, this vehicle is announced with an alternative propulsion system. And Hyundai Genesis are pioneers of fuel cell technology. They being the first company that has put fuel cell technology in production and on sale. This is one of the reasons that will cause the company may just such a system of powertrain used in the new GT model.

We can expect this model to the market certainly another four or five years. And before his appearance, still all eyes will be fixed on GV80 concept. The company is at the New York Auto Show presented this model, which was met with mixed reviews. Some were enthusiastic, while others took the opportunity to criticize the crossover style of this model. In this project, participated Luc Donckerwolke. Just for that, you can expect similarities between GV80 model, and  the Genesis GT model.

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