2019 Honda S2000 Coming by the end of 2018

The new generation of Hondas performance coupe arrive at the end of 2018. In all likelihood, the 2019 Honda S2000 is still in production. However, the concept of this model is not yet shown. However, at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, Honda will introduce the concept of a sports electric car. Then there will be clearer plans and intentions of the company.

Honda halted production of the S2000 model, even in 2009. In the meantime, various rumors have emerged related to this model. They are in favor of re-launching the Honda S2000 model. The rumors came to an end in 2015. Then there were some mysterious images of a model car of a sports car with a Honda sign.

2019 Honda S2000 Design

The design of the vehicle is based on the image of the model from 2015. The pictures clearly show the design direction of the new generation model. The new model gets cameras instead of traditional rearview mirrors. Also, thin headlights and oversized air intakes at the front of the car. In the end, there are also huge diffusers, at the rear.

2019 Honda S2000 render

The currently available information suggests that the new model will appear at the end of 2018. However, there is still no official confirmation. The same information is about the price of a new model. Namely, the price of the basic model could be around $ 50,000. If it comes to the realization of the project, Honda’s new performances will celebrate two decades of its existence in a good way. More precisely, twenty years since the launch of the original S2000. This anniversary to coincide with the celebration of the 70th birthday of the company.

Power Specs

2019 Honda S2000 could get a petrol engine with a turbocharger and an electric super charger. This aggregate should deliver about 320 horsepower. The engine will be combined with 8-speed automatic transmission. It is assumed to be a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder in-line unit. Instead of the current twin-turbo system, a turbocharger in combination with an electric supercharger will be used. This would avoid turbulence. This means that the engine would be far more efficient than the current one.

In addition to this possibility, there are some more options. First of all, it’s a 2.0-liter twin-turbo engine, from the Civic Type R model.

The new propulsion system should be coupled with 8-speed transmission with double clutch. Contrary to this information, a version with a manual transmission system is mentioned.

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