2018 Subaru 7 Passenger SUV Replaces Tribeca SUV

Vehicles Japanese car manufacturer, Subaru, are very popular and highly regarded among customers in US market. One of the most popular models among the local customers, is Subaru Tribeca SUV. But Subaru has stopped the production of this full-size SUVs. Thus emerged a gap in the company’s offer in the SUV segment, especially in the US market. However, the company is preparing a direct successor of this popular model. 2018 Subaru 7 Passenger SUV should appear in the most prestigious, US market already in early 2018. This new Subaru full-size SUV will complement the company’s offer in the segment, and American buyers will once again be able to enjoy a fantastic vehicle.

2018 Subaru 3-row SUV

2018 Subaru 7 Passenger SUV will be the highest ranking in the Subaru SUV lineup. It will take place over the smaller Crosstrek and Forester models. According to people from the company, the new model will be truly full third-row SUV capability. The basic version will offer 7 seats, while will be available a version with space for 8 passengers. In addition, Subaru is emphasized that the dimensions of the new model will be larger than the dimensions of Tribeca SUV model.

For buyers in the market of Japan, Subaru has offered new Exiga Crossover 7 model. It was expected that modified Exiga Crossover 7 to be adapted to the needs and requirements of the US market, and that as such it will be offered to US customers. However, Subaru is categorically rejected such a possibility. The company pointed out that the 2018 Subaru 7 Passenger SUV will be completely new and unique model, designed primarily to customers in the most prestigious car market. In addition, Subaru has announced that there is a possibility that this model produced in the United States.

2018 Subaru 7 Passenger SUV Release

It is a common principle Subaru company, quality and functionality above all. This policy of the company, and it ranks among the most desirable brands. New Seven Seater SUV, which will inherit the hitherto Tribeca SUV, should be produced in a Subaru plant in Indiana, USA. As we have noted, the expected start selling is first half of 2018.

At the beginning of sales, 2018 Subaru 7 Passenger SUV will be offered exclusively to American customers. Customers in Japan will have to be satisfied with a sporty Exiga 7 SUV model, while for customers in the European and Australian markets reserved new Levorg sports tourer model. Exiga and Levorg models will be offered in the US market, while the new 7 Passenger SUV, could later appear on markets outside the US.

2018 Subaru 7 Passenger SUV

This new model should improve the sales results of the Japanese brand in the US market. Although sales figures are very good, Subaru plans to sell 700,000 units in the USA by 2017. It is expected that the plan will be realized. Subaru did not announce the name of its new SUV model. According to some announcements, the 2018 Subaru 7 Passenger SUV will get a name that is a reflection of the outdoor adventure, consistent with the company’s other successful crossovers.

2018 Subaru 7 Passenger SUV Competition

In front of Subaru Company is a very difficult task to market the most prestigious and the most popular segment, offer a model worthy of the competition. 2018 Subaru 7 Passenger SUV will be competing against Hyundai Santa Fe, Kia Sorento, Nissan Pathfinder, Mitsubishi Outlander, Toyota Highlander and Honda Pilot. Given the reputation of the company and the results to date, Subaru is expected to succeed in their intent. It is expected that this model is primarily a quality, functional and reliable. Add to this performance, security and economy, and there is no reason that such and is not.

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