2019 Genesis GV80 New Ultra-Luxury SUV

The Genesis brand operates within Hyundai. As a sub-brand, Genesis should offer a special line of vehicles. These models emphasize advanced design, great features, and a great deal of luxury. It is known that in the Genesis brand offer, customers can choose between three different sedans. These are G80, G90, and the latest G70 models. What pleases customers is that soon the offer will be extended with the new 2019 Genesis GV80 model. It’s ultra-luxury SUV model, which is its size, the equivalent G80 sedan.

Just before this SUV arrives in the market, Genesis will also promote its first coupe model. Upon arrival of the GV80 SUV, the company will also launch a smaller SUV model, called the GV70. There are indications that by the beginning of the next decade, the offer in the crossover SUV segment will be expanded with the smaller GV60 crossover model. At the same time, the company will offer the second generation of its G90 sedan.



Hyundai made a bold move when it decided to set up a Genesis branch. Taken through the experience of Japanese auto companies, Hyundai did the same. Its sub-brand, the company has named one of the most successful models – “Genesis”.

The first models of this brand came as a replacement for the previous models from the Hyundai lineup. So the G80 arrived as a replacement for Hyundai Genesis, while Genesis G90 replaced Hyundai Equus. However, the 2019 Genesis GV80 is a completely different story. This new model does not represent a remake of any previous Hyundai model. The company clearly states that this model is not a luxury version of the Tucson or Santa Fe model. On the contrary, the Genesis GV80 SUV is a unique and completely new model.

As a brand new model, in the most popular segment of the auto industry, the GV80 will have tough competition. According to company announcements, this model is intended primarily for American buyers. It is not necessary to emphasize the competition in the SUV segment, on that market. However, Hyundai is proven in this segment, so we do not doubt that this first Genesis SUV will be a hit.

interior Genesis GV80

2019 Genesis GV80 Construction

Before the Genesis brand was founded, Hyundai introduced the Hyundai Vision G Concept. Based on this concept, future models of the Genesis Branch are developed. As the Genesis SUV, the GV80 will be based on the same platform on which the G90 is based. On the same platform, the mentioned concept was set.

And the Genesis design is based on the Vision G concept. Although the concept is sedan-shaped, the 2019 Genesis GV80 will be designed by modeling it. Of course, modifications are necessary in order to adapt the sedan design to the SUV form. Certainly, the future model will have all the elements of design, luxury and attractiveness, which also has the Vision G Concept. In addition, the new SUV will have a unique design, as well as a high level of equipment and a high level of luxury. The GV80 SUV should help break this brand among the most powerful.

Competitors and Release

Given that this model is intended primarily for American buyers, its rivals clearly appear on the market. First of all, these are models of Japanese car manufacturers. Among them are the Acura MDX, the Infiniti QX80 and the Lexus LX 570.

The official presentation and start of sales are expected at the end of 2018, or in the first half of 2019. Announcements and expectations are spectacular, but the price is not mentioned at all. However, the prices of its competitors should be taken into account. In this context, the price for the future 2019 Genesis GV80 SUV should be forecast.

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