2020 Subaru WRX STI with Hybrid Power System

The Subaru WRX STI is known for its powerful turbocharged engine. However, Subaru plans to replace the current 2.5-liter turbo engine with 305 horsepower, with a completely new one. Namely, the 2020 Subaru WRX STI comes with a hybrid drive train. Thus, the career of the current model will end. More precisely, the new era of this model is starting.

The Subaru company has prepared refreshments for the WRX and WRX STI models for the 2018 model year. However, the arrival of the new generation of the model attracts more attention. Especially when considering that the new WRX STI will offer something completely new.


The current model has a 2.5-liter turbo engine with 305 horsepower. The engine is combined with a 6-speed manual transmission and AWD system. Sport Lineartronic CVT is also available as an option.

According to some earlier writings, a new Boxer engine was mentioned, for the 2020 WRX STI. It was assumed that the new generation of the drive train to get from Viziv Performance Concept model. However, the latest information reveals a completely different fate for this vehicle.

The latest information points to the WRX STI Hybrid form. More specifically, the 2020 Subaru WRX STI gets a hybrid drive. This powertrain combines a 2.0-liter turbo engine and an electric motor. The turbo engine will be positioned forward and will be responsible for transmitting power to the front axle. To drive the rear wheels is the electric charge, which is situated in the back. The total strength of this hybrid system is about 300 horsepower.

2020 Subaru WRX STI

2020 Subaru WRX STI Design and Features

Subaru introduced Viziv Performance Concept. This concept has served as an announcement for a new generation of WRX STI models. The concept is the vision of the next-generation sports sedan. This concept has the latest Subaru “Dynamic x Solid” design vocabulary. There are also “hawkeye” headlights and numerous assist systems for the driver.

The concept is 4.630 mm long, 1.950 mm wide, 1.430 mm high. The wheelbase is 2,730 mm. The vehicle features cameras instead of conventional rearview mirrors. Large openings for the air, sharp LED headlights are visible on the front. On the back of the vehicle, the spoiler on the trunk dominates, and the four exhaust pipes. The roof is made of carbon fiber, and there are alu wheels of 20 inches.

The 2020 model will be built on the new Subaru Global Platform. The same platform will be used on other Subaru innovations. With all this, there is a more aggressive appearance of the vehicle. This implies fenders extension, a hood with an air hole, a striking rear spoiler. There is also a sports exhaust system, modified suspension, advanced brakes with Brembo signature.

The company underlines that the 2020 Subaru WRX STI will have improved handling, compared to the previous versions. Also, there are characteristic alu wheels, as well as adaptive headlights, in LED technology.

The least available data relates to the interior of the vehicle. However, Subaru points out that the new generation comes with a stylish and improved interior.

Release Date

For now, it’s not known when exactly the new WRX STI will arrive. However, unofficial reference is made to the model year 2020. Some sources state that sales will begin at the end of 2019, or at the beginning of 2020.

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